all i wanna do is..

i wanna go out and act like someone who' insanely crazy. i wanna dress out in old, funny and ugly clothes. i wanna jump in all the little puddles. i wanna bake cupcakes. wanna sit still and grow thin. i wanna wear high heels at school and make any day a day of party. i wanna drink hot chocolate with marshmallows at six o'clock in the morning together with you. i wanna kiss in public so everyone can see, how deeply in love i am with you. i wanna eat so much chocolate, that it makes me sick. i wanna drop school and watch movies all day long just with you. i wanna make my own clothes and learn how to sew. i wanna become redheaded - like for real. i wanna wear red lipstick and still be able to look good. i wanna paint a horse. wanna join?

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